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Rolling green lawns and venerable Norfolk Island pines frame the ocean vista at 64 Broome, where uninterrupted views of the Indian Ocean await. The generous and refined residences are matched only by the exquisite seaside aspect, long commanding views of grassy parklands, pristine white beaches, clear azure waters and an endless blue sky.


The expansive corner block allows for maximum seclusion and Northern light, with a unique blend of privacy and world class views. All residences enjoy above street elevations to capture breathtaking panoramic views, while remain secluded behind landscaped hedging for privacy.


Architectural perfection is achieved when the exterior and interior are truly harmonious in design and connection, from magnificent lines to the timeless finishes, every detail considered.

This perfection is realised in this environmentally friendly masterpiece which has been meticulously designed by Architect Dan Juengling and Interior Designer Cassandra Tana to have a strong connection with nature, flanked by the beautiful Norfolk pines and the breathtaking views of the Indian Ocean. 64 Broome offers four expansive lateral apartments each crafted with a luxurious and spacious internal design that is warm and inviting – this is luxury living and entertaining at its finest.

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